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For Arizonians, rowing is an uncommon sport.  

Find answers to your questions below.


Where do we row?

All of our water practices take place on Tempe Town Lake out of what we lovingly refer to as our boathouse. We are located under the 202 on the South West corner of Mill and Washington, in the parking lot for the Marquee Theater (pictured below). We also have land practice at Xavier's athletic facilities.  Get Directions to Boathouse Here.


Do I need to know how to row before I join?

No! That's the great thing about rowing, we take everyone without any experience. We do offer learn to row sessions over the summer and in January along with summer camps for people to try out our sport in a low key environment. Learn to row and summer camps are not required to join the team. We also accept new athletes at any point during the fall and during a two week window in January. 


When do we row?

Practice schedule is set by the Head Coach at the beginning of the season and may change at any time the Coach deems necessary such as when the team is getting ready for an upcoming race.  In general, the team practices, 4 days after school, and two morning practices, including Saturdays.


What is a coxswain?

The great thing about rowing is that it doesn't exclude you if you are small. The coxswain has a large role to play in the development of a boat. She is in charge of steering, assisting in the running of practice and executing the race plan on race day. All coxswains will be expected to learn to row as well. 


Sweeping versus sculling?

Within the past few years, Xavier has moved more towards sculling than sweeping. Sweep rowing is when each rower in a boat has only one oar and sculling is when each rower has two oars. Our region is one of the fastest in the country for sweep rowing and we have been able to find a place with our smaller team in the sculling events of the 1x, 2x and 4x. Any time you see an x after a number, this denotes a sculling boat. A + put after a number means that is a sweep boat with a coxswain and a - after a number means that is a sweep boat without a coxswain. We are lucky to own or have access to boats in all the different boat classes.


Can I row for TJC or TTLR in middle school?

Currently, the rules of our region state that a rower can row in middle school and still be a novice in her freshman year of high school. However, as soon as she races at an official regatta (Desert Sprints and Hot Head count!), she will start her novice year, which runs with the school year, not the calendar year. So, if you race as an 8th grader and then move to Xavier Prep Crew as a freshman, you will be on the varsity team.

Our recommendation is that you do not race in middle school and keep your novice eligibility for Xavier so that you can spend your freshman year bonding and racing with the novice group. This will then prepare you better for your next three years as a rower on our team. Please contact the Head Coach if you have any questions about this.  You can reach the Head Coach through our contact form (Contact Tab).


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