Xavier Prep Crew relies on parent support. Each family is kindly asked to contribute a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time each season; tasks range from chaperoning the team while traveling to regattas, race hosting regattas and planning the year end celebration banquet. Parents benefit from volunteering by getting to know each other, staying connected with their daughters, and learning about this great sport!

Here are some of the different ways you can volunteer. Let us know how you would like to get involved by sending a message to xcpcrew@gmail.com.

  • Chaperoning - Our team travels out of state to California and sometimes to the East Coast to race in regattas. Chaperones accompany the team while they travel.  Only moms/stepmoms/female guardians can be chaperones and they must have completed and be up to date on their Safe Environment (www.phoenix.setanet.orgtraining by the time they travel with the team. Cost of travel is covered by the team.  Being a chaperone for one regatta will cover the minimum volunteer hours requirement.

  • Race Hosting - Race hosts take care of feeding the team during the regattas and during their travel.  Race hosts are given a list of potential foods that are healthy and beneficial to our athletes, they acquire the food, bring it to the venue and set up the food for the team to eat.  The cost of the food is covered by the team and the cost of hotels is also included as long as the race host stays in the same hotel as the team.

  • Uniform and Sportswear - At the beginning of the season, when new members join the team, there is a need to coordinate and manage uniform ordering, tracking and delivering.  Volunteers manage the process from start to finish.

  • Team Lunches - Twice during the school year, we like to provide a nice lunch for all members of the team.  This happens during their lunch period at Xavier.  Parent volunteers work with the team captain to plan the type of food they would like and then coordinate food donation from parents, set up for the lunch and then clean-up at the conclusion of the lunch.

  • Parent Socials - To help us get to know each other, form friendships and just plain have fun, we plan two parents only socials during the season.  We need parents to pick a venue, or perhaps offer their own home for the get together and then coordinate the food and "spirits" for the evening.

  • Erg-a-thon - This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  It is typically an evening event at Xavier when the athletes row on the ergs to raise money.  We need help setting up for the event, acquiring food (hopefully donated), selling team apparel and other merchandise, and implementing strategies to raise more funds (one year we even had a silent auction during the event!).

  • Fundraising - While the Erg-a-thon is the biggest and most important fundraiser of the season, we also run several smaller events during the season.  In the past, we have done garage sales, movie openings nights, breakfasts, restaurant events, etc.  We need help in coming up with fresh fundraising ideas as well as planning and executing those ideas.  

  • End of Year Award Banquet - At the end of the season, we celebrate together all the hard work, the successes, the friendships made, and we also say goodbye to our senior team members.  We hold the banquet in different venues around the Valley or in a family's home.  The team covers the majority of the cost of the event and parents and guests also contribute a minimal fee.  We need help in planning the event, including finding a venue, arranging for food, etc.

  • Social Media - If you are social media guru, this one is for you! We need help in keeping our social media fresh and active!

  • Driving the Boat Trailer - Our racing boats need to get to the race venues and back to the boathouse somehow!  If you are comfortable driving a BIG trailer full of boats, we can use your help! You will be trained by experienced drivers and the truck pulling the trailer is rented by the team for each regatta.

  • Team Retreat - To foster team bonding, the team participates in a retreat during the early Fall months of the season.  Usually, they spend two days out of town during a weekend.  Friendships are formed, trust is gained and fun is had.  We need help with chaperones for the retreat, food preparation and overall planning of the retreat.  

Let us know how you would like to get involved by sending a message to xcpcrew@gmail.com.

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